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Jul21, 2016

Why should I use email marketing for my security awareness program?

By |Launching SA Programs, Managing SA Programs, Planning SA Programs, Security Awareness Programs|

We proudly exclaim from the mountaintop here at SAC that in order for security awareness employee training to be truly successful, it should be treated like a marketing campaign. This might be considered a visionary approach, but we believe it's based in common sense and modernity. Before we dive into the question at hand, let's first review the basics of what goes into a good marketing campaign: Create a variety of training moments at frequent [...]

Jul20, 2016

What is PCI-DSS and Why Should I Care?

By |Ask The Experts|

How many times in a day do you use your credit card? Whether it’s for a tank of gas or a spontaneous vacation, credit cards are an integral part of everyday life. With a vast number of companies accepting credit card payments, it is becoming virtually impossible to find anyone that still carries cash. Many card holders undervalue the amount of security it takes to successfully manage their PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Current standards were [...]

Jul14, 2016

The Value of Unplugging

By |Tips and Tricks|

We are distracted. We live in an era of constant access, of always being on, always being connected. But that connectivity has led to a disconnect. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you checked your phone? A few minutes ago? A couple seconds ago? Maybe you’re looking at it right now? We are distracted. Our mobile devices have evolved from handy “get in touch with me anywhere, anytime”, to checking notifications at stop [...]

Jul13, 2016

Is Cybersecurity Awareness Important for the C-Suite?

By |Ask The Experts, Guest Post, Planning SA Programs, Security Awareness Programs|

The following is a guest post from our partner Villbo Group. Security awareness training is one of the best measures an organization can take to enlighten its staff members on cyber threats. Training not only informs, but goes a notch higher to empower staff to be able to pick up on cyber threats – e.g. social engineering scams – and respond appropriately. Organizations that have implemented security awareness are reaping benefits and minimizing the cyber [...]

Jul12, 2016

Seven Tips to Travel Security Smart this Summer

By |Ask The Experts, Security Awareness 101, Tips and Tricks|

Ah the beach. What better way to relax than with the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, the smell of sunscreen? Speaking of sunscreen better put some more on... You immediately sit up, and begin to panic... your bag is nowhere in sight! “My phone! My tablet! My credit cards! Everything was in that bag!” Hopefully this never happens to you. Devices containing PII (personally identifiable information) are lost or stolen every [...]

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