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Dec01, 2016

How to Protect Yourself From Cyber Threats This Holiday Season

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The following is a guest post from HEROIC Cybersecurity. Only a few weeks away, the holiday spending frenzy is quickly approaching. According to the National Retail Federation, over 56% of American consumers will shop online for the holidays. Adobe predicts Americans will spend over $91 billion this year – an increase of 11% from 2015. Even though it’s the biggest sales season for online retailers, it’s also the best season for cyber criminals to take [...]

Nov30, 2016

Top 10 Cybersecurity Gifts

By |Ask The Experts, Free Stuff|

We’ve all had to fake our way through getting a present we didn’t like or want. The ugly sweater. Socks or underwear. This hideous blue catfish tie. A cheap kitchen appliance that stops working after three tries. The dreaded regift of something you gave someone last year. We should always be thankful for anything we’re given, but sometimes, it’s difficult to see the big picture. Cybersecurity shouldn’t be a gift. Everyone should already have most [...]

Nov23, 2016

Cyber Monday: Eight Ways To Shop Safely

By |Ask The Experts, Security Awareness 101|

Tis the season! We’ve reached the part of the year where we look forward to joining friends and family for holiday celebrations, followed by looking back at the year that was. Black Friday is right around the corner, which is great for those of you courageous enough to manage the crowds and traffic. For those of us that prefer to shop from the comfort of our own homes, we’ll happily take advantage of Cyber Monday [...]

Nov21, 2016

How to Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Attacks

By |Ask The Experts, Guest Post|

It would seem that in today's world of constantly developing technology, cyber attacks are becoming a lot more common. You have probably heard of a big company's website, and social media accounts being hacked and thought it wouldn't happen to you, but the fact is no matter how big or small the organization is, it can become the victim of a cyber attack. As a small business owner, you shouldn't be paranoid, but you should [...]

Nov17, 2016

Password Managers: Yes, They’re Safe and Yes, You Need One

By |Ask The Experts, Security Awareness 101|

Passwords have been around for a while. Since the ‘60s, in fact. Yet people are still bad at them. It seems like every social media hack of a celebrity account and every DDoS attack that shuts down the internet could have been prevented with proper password maintenance. As always, make sure your passwords don’t suck. A great way to make sure your passwords don’t suck is via a password manager. If you’ve read any of [...]

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