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Feb23, 2017

Five Reasons Human Firewalls Are The Best Defense Against Cyber-Attacks

By |Ask The Experts, Security Awareness 101|

There is no such thing as perfect security. We know this to be painfully true as new data breaches make the news every other day. Maybe, in the future, technological advances will pave the way to penetration-proof firewalls that block every threat, but we seriously doubt that day will come anytime soon, if ever. In the meantime, the first line of defense continues to be humans. Whether at work, at home, or on the road, [...]

Feb21, 2017

How to Prevent Peeping Toms

By |Security Awareness 101, Tips and Tricks|

Having internet access and a computer screen is what allows you to be anonymous. If a cyber criminal is able to hack into your computer’s camera your anonymity is lost. While being afraid of people spying on you via a webcam may make you sound like a conspiracy theorist, it is actually a real threat. So how are people hacking each other's webcams? What do they get out of it and what do they do [...]

Feb16, 2017

The Benefits Of Microlearning In Security Awareness

By |Ask The Experts, Launching SA Programs, Managing SA Programs, Planning SA Programs, Security Awareness Programs|

Formal learning has long been the bedrock of school systems worldwide. We go to class. A teacher presents the information. We are then tested on that information. It’s a scheduled, systematic way of educating. This is also the way most security awareness programs are designed. Users take a course or a learning module, they are tested on the information at the end of the module, you then present the results of those tests in a [...]

Feb14, 2017

Digital Valentine’s Day

By |Free Stuff|

Happy Valentine's Day! To show our love for you, we have some digital freebies to share. Love is in the air, and all over the internet, this Valentine’s Day. Rather you’re spending time with loved ones or quality time with yourself, there’s one more person we don’t want you to forget about: your sys admin! We’ve made a couple of Valentine’s Day cards you can share with those who help keep your information secure! (Or [...]

Feb09, 2017

Parenting A Geek Part 2: Changing Behavior

By |Ask The Experts, Guest Post, Kids and Security|

In Part 1 of Parenting a Geek, we discussed the threats kids face online, how to identify those threats, and recommended a few technical solutions to keep kids safe. And while we're all about utilizing the tools we have at our disposal, the biggest challenge is raising awareness and ultimately changing behavior. This is where effective parenting comes in. I struggled with this next section because I feel strongly that it is not my place [...]

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