Recently I saw an article online in which designers were discussing how they would remake the internet focusing on mobile and social. They were focusing so much on the ‘fun’ parts that they completely forgot to mention the important parts – namely, the security!

A while back, Bill Cheswick and I were talking about remaking the Internet. What would we do? How would we do it? My mantra was, and still is: “The Internet is a mad scientist’s experiment run amok.” No offense… it was just a “wonder if this will work?” exercise that got popular. And did it work? In some ways, yes. In others….

If we maintain reliance on ancient technology, we will lose. After almost 50 years of experimenting with legacy networking, we must build, from the ground up, a superior communications technology.

Design efforts must embed three fundamental philosophies:

  1. No loss of any functionality or capabilities from current implementation.
  2. Embed controls based upon collective security and privacy wisdom, while also allowing enhanced controls to be introduced, by design, when additional needs arise.
  3. Design for the future, not today, especially a native ‘update’ mechanism for the underlying communications technology.”

If the internet ever gets a makeover, these three things must be taken into account or we will fail.

Winn Schwartau, Founder, The Security Awareness Company

Winn Schwartau

President & Founder at SAC
Winn Schwartau is one of the world's top recognized experts on security, privacy, infowar, cyber-terrorism, and related topics. Winn is gifted at making highly technical security subjects understandable and entertaining & has authored more than 12 security books.