More than 20 years ago, security experts predicted that Information Warfare would dominate conflict and would engage private companies, the individual and nation-states in ways they did not understand. Our very own Winn Schwartau even stood before congress, testifying to the future of cyberwar and was greeted with disbelief. “Mr. Schwartau, why would the bad guys ever want to use the internet…?” (Congressman Glickman during Congressional Testimony, June 1991)

We believe that in order to know how to DEFEND against something, you should understand how to ATTACK. Think about your favorite football teams – their best defenses come from understanding the opponents’ offensives. And not just the theory behind the offense, but the actual mechanisms behind the attack. It’s the same with security. We can not defend our nation and networks by always looking in the rearview mirror, defending against past attacks. We must look ahead to the horizon. Weaponization of the Internet of Things, autonomous smart vehicles, budget EMP/HPM/HERF, exoskeleton and robotics, hostile biomedical applications, mind disruption and manipulations… and we need to get ahead of the curve.

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With over 25 years of industry experience, we serve both small & large organizations to create successful security awareness and compliance programs on an international scale. Our team is a strong, creative powerhouse with a passionate vision and we consistently produce on-trend end-user training materials of the highest caliber.