Lansdowne resort, Leesburg, VA (US), 28th – 29th October, 2013

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) is pleased to announce our 2013 Fall Symposium for the Energy Sector. FIRST is a global non-profit organization focused on knowledge sharing among computer incident response and security teams. We are seeking authors and speakers to bring forth their knowledge and expertise to this event.

This conference will bring together computer security incident response and security team professionals from all over the world and provide a forum for experts to promote, share, and discuss issues relating to developments in the field of Incident Response relating to the Energy Sector.

Symposium Overview

Recent reports have shown that the Energy Sector has seen a large increase in the reported number of cyber attacks. The need to protect against threats and improve upon incident management has never been greater.

Many control systems are already networked and are target of sophisticated attacks. Organizations will benefit from having a specialized team to work on detection and handling of cyber attacks, analyzing incidents and sharing information with other security organizations.

The FIRST Symposium will focus on lessons learned from attacks and technology and sector specific security aspects. Strong emphasis will be given to organizational issues like creation and operation of incident response teams.

On Day 2, we will also run a concurrent track for TRANSITS, a high-quality training to both new and experienced Computer Security and Incident Response Team personnel, as well as individuals with an interest in establishing a CSIRT. TRANSITS training is not a deep technical dive, but is aimed at security professionals or strategists.

They are offering a great discount for attendance for just $95, which is down from the $195 price you would have to pay. Use PROMO code: energy2013

Original Source : FIRST Fall Symposium

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