A security breach is similar to a home invasion – no one thinks it will happen to them, until it does. Some are more prepared than others – installing alarm systems or purchasing guard dogs. But others? They just hope locking their doors is enough. And some don’t lock their doors at all. Most people would readily say an unlocked home is unsafe, unprotected; but how many of you would say the same about your computer systems?
One of our friends worked for a company who didn’t lock their doors and in the process had their place robbed in broad daylight.

As a new administrative assistant in a company that owns and operates restaurants, one of my first major tasks was to identify a problem in our gift card servers. Over the course of the first quarter, we lost $12,000 in gift card sales that we couldn’t account for. After several weeks, phone calls and emails with the corporate office, the third party processor, and even our own staff; it was discovered that our system had be severely compromised. Someone in Europe had managed to hack into our servers and create fraudulent transactions. Through a bit of digital slight-of-hand, they were able to turn gift card reloads into actual cash. All of this could have been avoided if the company had used a firewall and simple anti-virus software. Neither one of those things were in place because “I didn’t think it was that serious.” Obviously everyone thinks it’s serious now. 

That’s right, all the company would have needed was a little protection–a guard dog, an alarm, an electric fence of sorts.
Learn from someone else’s security fail, don’t let it happen to you. Be smart; lock your doors and your computers.

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