Security Cat™ is BACK! And he wants you to change your hoarding ways.

You know you who are! You who print out fifteen pages of secure information and leave them on your desk. You who write down your passwords on sticky notes and then STICK them on the bottom of your monitor. You with your day-old coffee cup that’s just sitting on the edge of your desk, waiting for Security Cat™ to come knock it over. You know who you are and you know what you’re doing and it’s gotta stop.

A messy desk is a security risk. All those times when you were younger and your mom yelled at you about your dirty room, she was giving you a real world lesson! People with messy desks often lose track of what kind of information is strewn about. Maybe you printed off some passwords or some personnel files. Maybe there’s a tax report sitting on the side of your desk or pay stubs tacked to the wall. You wouldn’t know because the clutter on your desk is two inches deep!

Security is all about being aware of your surroundings. If you’ve lost control of your surroundings, there’s no way you can pay attention to everything that’s happening.

So stop what you’re doing and clean your desk. Seriously. Finish this sentence, close your browser and take twenty minutes to resecure your desk and clear it off!

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