ABC’s show Pretty Little Liars has been a hit for them. Based on a popular book series, the show follows four teenage girls as they try to solve mysterious happenings in their lives, as well as try to figure out who is the mysterious bully who harasses them through texts, emails, letters, etc. Each message is simply signed “A,” referencing one of their supposedly dead friends.

While it makes for fantastic drama, in real life, this kind of bullying is scary and has the potential to end in tragedy. Through out the show, the girls get a series of texts from “A.” These texts come from a blocked number and often include blackmail to coerce the girls to bend to her will.


The parents on the show don’t figure out the girls are being harassed, until it too late–and then often assume the mysterious bully has disappeared.

We don’t recommend taking that approach.

While stealing a teen’s phone and snooping through it may not be the best way to approach the situation, if you’re the one paying for the phone, you can pull texts records from your phone company and check the incoming and outgoing messages.

But what if your teen is being bullied from an unknown number? What then?!

Unlike the parents on ABC Family, you can track down an unknown or blocked ID.

Unmasking a blocked number isn’t always the easiest. You can’t *69 a text, after all. With services like TrapCall, it is possible though. Additionally, there are several apps you can test out like WhoAreYou Caller ID,  Enhanced SMS & Caller ID and Privus Mobile’s Privus Pack.

But if you or your child or your friend are being bullied and harassed by an unknown caller, you can take away the protection of their anonymity.  Leave the secret identities to the superhero. In the meantime, you can watch Pretty Little Liars play out every Tuesday night at 8pm EST.

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