One of our production team members has a friend, we’ll call her Sally, who recently agreed to let another girl take up residency in her house and pay rent. Who doesn’t love a good roommate, right? Especially if you already know the person, which was the case here.

Unfortunately, within a few weeks of moving in, this roommate got a new boyfriend, who gave an “up to no good” vibe. A week later, Sally discovered her roommate’s boyfriend had convinced her new roommate to run a “background check” on her–as he was “concerned” that maybe Sally wasn’t being completely honest about how she had purchased her home. Not only did this sound absurd, it was absurd. But the roommate fell for it and went with it. What can we say? Love is blind.

The “background check” wasn’t a background check at all. The boyfriend had acquired the services of some idiot (possibly criminal) “PI” who only pulled up Sally’s most valuable PII. There was no criminal background check or thorough investigation. Instead, the PI brought back all the information that the boyfriend would need to steal Sally’s identity on multiple levels.

As a result, Sally kicked her roommate and the sleazy boyfriend out and is looking into the measures she can take to further secure her identity, since she now knows all the information the boyfriend has.

All this to say, be aware. Be EXTRA aware. Sally thought she was doing a good thing by helping a friend who was down on her luck and needed a place to stay. Since she had known the girl for a year, it seemed like the right thing to do. However, she didn’t take into consideration who else the girl might bring into the home and unfortunately, she brought around a bad guy.

Not all security breaches come through your credit cards or computers–some of them walk right through your front door.

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