Planning your program takes time and all the better coordinated with a team who has done it before, but it can be done! Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning.

1. Put all ideas on paper, no matter how crazy. Remove them explicitly by consensus, not just your fear of rejection.

2. Plan out at least a year by the month. Be detailed. You can always remove items.

3. Get a firm budget that you can stick to.

4. Establish who is in charge. Too many cooks will ruin your awareness program. Find out who has to have buy in on every aspect, then streamline as much as you can.

5. Make friends with the facilities people. They are invaluable for posters, common area messaging and even using the restrooms for posters.

6. Make friends with the desktop team. They control screen real-estate. You want some.

7. How are you going to measure results? Is your boss all about pure ROI?

8. Plan a launch to get everyone aware the program exists. Combine live and virtual events. Have some giveaways within your budget.

9. Have you branded your awareness program as something distinct from ‘Security Dept.’? Mascots and character development assist in teaching awareness. Characters can teach each other instead of just telling your audience what to do and not do. Less intimidating.

10. Offer your employees ‘value’, such as personal security tricks/tips, tools they can use at home etc.

BONUS: Want some free posters to jump-start your program? You can download our freebie poster series here.

If you can conquer these, you are well on your way to success!

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