Which is why when you’re running into your office and there’s a stranger behind you trying to get into the building too, you automatically want to hold the door open for them. You’re trying to be nice. You’ve been trained to be nice. We understand. It’s a polite gesture.

But we also don’t care and would advise against it.

Often, buildings house multiple companies on individual floors. It’s impossible for you to know everyone that enters and exits that building. It’s also impossible for you to know who should be there and who shouldn’t. That’s what criminals are counting on.

That tailgater at your heels may be there for a business meeting, or she may be there to illegally collect sensitive data. You have no way of knowing!

“But they had an official looking badge!” you might say.

News flash! Anyone can make a fake badge! You don’t know how long they’ve been stalking the building. You probably didn’t even get a good look at the badge.

So don’t be the person responsible for your company being taken advantage of; don’t let people tailgate you. Don’t let people sneak in behind you. Don’t hold the door open. Make them get their own door–if they have the correct credentials, it won’t be a problem. And if they don’t have the correct credentials, then they’re not you’re problem.

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