This particular hotel had a guest book and in that guestbook, unknown to most of its customers, was every guests’ credit number. Worse (if it can get worse), the numbers were listed alongside the guests’ full names and sometimes addresses. Upon learning of this system, Ramsey stole the book to show the hotel owners how easily someone could take and steal the identity of hundreds of people. The staff had no response except, “Well, if someone took it, we’d just call 911.”

Yes, you may roll your eyes. (We did).

While Ramsey made sure this terrible system was abandoned, it gave us pause for thought. Do you know how companies are storing your sensitive data? When you’re on the phone with someone ordering a product and they ask for your credit card number do you know whether or not they’re writing it down on a sticky note? It might seem silly, but some establishments still operate with out-dated procedures. Of course, if they write it down for reference and shred it immediately, you’re probably in the clear. But what if they don’t? What if they mean to, but lose the note in the process? What if they mean to but then get distracted and never get around to it?

No one should ever be writing down your credit card number or social security number on any kind of sticky note. Guard your identity. It’s getting easier and easier for criminals to get our credit card numbers, don’t let an outdated sales/records systems give a thief all your information on a silver platter.

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