If you’re operating on an old operating system called Unix you could be vulnerable to a new Bash Bug. It can affect Macs and many web servers that use Linux.

The vulnerability allows hackers the ability to vandalize websites and steal user data. In theory, hackers use the bug to create a worm that spreads from computer to computer, like the common cold–which means that a single hacker would eventually have an army of machines they can control.

What can you do? Not a whole lot. Although some partial patches have already been delivered and you should keep your Apple software up-to-date––check for any new software they issue. Web sites are at greater risk than individual computers. However, since criminals may try to execute Bash through phishing emails and malicious links, you should be very, very cautious about what you click on, as you could accidentally install the bug on your computer. We say it all the time, but always think before you click!

For more information about the bug, click here.

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