Every year, October appears. And every October, I fall in love all over again… with security and security awareness month.
National Cyber Security Awareness Month is not just a U.S. event anymore; it’s a global effort, which makes October even more dear to all of us here at The Security Awareness Company.

This is the time when we can review the last 12 months with our global clients from 100 – 100,000, and reinforce key messages and plan for next year.

(Speaking of Next Year! DON’T FORGET TO ASK ABOUT THE “Great Security Song Contest” we are announcing in November. Prizes up to $25,000!)

This last year, phishing and phishing exercises certainly grabbed headlines. Our esteemd phishing partners, PhishMe, Security Mentem and Social-Engineer.Org have embraced our style of awareness: Marketing, Advertising, Interaction & Metrics …which means, for you, a completely coordinated awareness program from phishing to videos to courses to posters, newsletters and more. Work directly with us… or your preferred phishing phirm. ☺

The best thing we can do to maintain a high level of security is to just be Security Aware. Being aware doesn’t require technical savvy nor should it feel overwhelming. It is really just about common sense. A security aware person is alert and involved every day, with every step, every action, BECAUSE: Security is the journey, not the final destination.
October also means a bit of repetition: A few mantras that help me, my company and our clients stay aware on their security journey. These include:

• Trust But Verify.
• When in doubt, Ask! None of us know everything about everything.
• Use your gut about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.
• Pretend your Aunt Libby is looking over your shoulder as you make choices.

On the CRAZY side, this year we saw one group promoting security awareness as “Behavior Modification”. OUCH! While we all do want awareness to help guide smart, common sense behavior, even we feel there are limits. In my opinion, that’s a pretty harsh and off-putting phrase: Behavior Modification. So, we will continue to do what has made us a leading security awareness company…some say, with the most complete programs and materials you can get today:

• Interaction
• Humor
• The personal touch
• Engage family and kids
• Actionable
• Branding
• Tailored programs
• Private hosted LMS

We hope that this, our third annual “Best Of Security Awareness 2014” issue of our monthly newsletter, supporting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2014, will give you an idea of how we do things.

My incredible staff and I have had the chance to work on awareness issues in more than 20 countries with companies and government agencies of all sizes. I am personally involved in or approve the content of all of our clients’ products and projects, especially for branding and customized programs – because I love it.

Winn Schwartau
Founder and CEO

The Security Awareness Company

With over 25 years of industry experience, we serve both small & large organizations to create successful security awareness and compliance programs on an international scale. Our team is a strong, creative powerhouse with a passionate vision and we consistently produce on-trend end-user training materials of the highest caliber.