You have your Facebook profile set to private. You delete phishing emails like a champ. So why do you need any security awareness training?

Security Awareness is one of things where the moment you think you understand everything, you understand nothing and are vulnerable to attacks. Did you know that certain .jpgs contain malware and downloading them can infect your computer? Do you know what your kids are looking at online? Do you know the work arounds they use to hide it from you? Did you hear about the security breach last week that could affect your credit card account?

Think about your workplace. Your company is only as strong as your weakest link. Perhaps you understand security, but your coworker Jerry doesn’t. Maybe he’s sending thousands of dollars to Nigerian Princesses. Maybe he fell for a social engineering scheme that will scam the company out of millions? Yeah, that Christmas bonus you were counting on? He just wire-transferred it to some common criminal.

Now do we have your attention?

Your understanding of security awareness is not the only thing that can affect your safety and your livelihood–you are dependent on how well those around you understand security awareness. What if your boss falls for a scam? What if your kid falls for a scam and endangers himself or your entire family?

Security Awareness is never stagnant. There’s always a threat, a new development–because technology is always changing, criminals are figuring out new loopholes. And if you stop learning and stop paying attention, you’re the first one that criminals are going to take down.

That’s why we are constantly updating our programs and videos! That’s why we give away freebies every week and alert people about potential security threats. In this day and age, people depend on their phones and their laptops and the internet to function day in and day out–whether we like it or not. And yet, that technology can make us vulnerable to malicious threats every day. Do you have sensitive data saved in the cloud? Do you have confidential information on your phone? How about your computer? We all do. And we should stay secure, we should guard what’s ours. That’s what SAC is here to do it – to teach your how to guard what’s rightfully yours each and every day. And to help make Security Awareness second nature. We want Security Awareness to be as basic as knowing to look both ways before crossing the street. Because in today’s internet-based world, clicking a phishing link could be just as dangerous as crossing a street with your eyes closed.

Stay aware, stay safe, and help us spread the message that Security Awareness is important to each and every one of us!

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