Let’s talk about apps. More specifically, let’s talk about the privacy policies that belong to those apps. You know all that little itty-bitty writing that you have to keep scrolling and scrolling through when you download an app. Of course, you never read it because you has the time or the vision for that? So you click ACCEPT and your new, shiny app is ready to be launched. What a time to be alive!

The thing is, whether or not you read the terms and conditions, they still matter.

For instance, Facebook is about to update its privacy policy and they’re about to collect even MORE information from you. They’re not saying that though. They’re simply saying they’re “updating their privacy policy soon.” Facebook uses this data to run experiments and analyze its users. Feel creeped out yet?

Then you have apps like Uber, which are extremely convenient on a Friday night. But recently, it’s come to light that employees may not be handling user data properly. The company has been caught tracking, basically stalking, their costumers to their end locations. They’ve even kept track of one night stands that users have had by noting that they dropped someone off to a house late at night and picked them up from the same location in the morning to take them home.

Dating apps like OK Cupid and Tinder also collect person information. Tinder requires your location so it can tell your potential matches exactly how many miles away you are from them. Someone, somewhere, has access to that data–meaning, someone, somewhere, knows exactly where you are. Meanwhile, OK Cupid has purposefully matched “incompatible” users on their app just to see what would happen!

None of this is new news. But let it give you pause before you download that next app or willing hand over your information.

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