Free apps and downloads are fun, aren’t they? You can play games with your friends, download videos from the internet, maybe even download something to keep your computer secure–for no cost.

But WAIT RIGHT THERE. Seriously, hands off the computer. Don’t make me call Security Cat™ in here.

Not all downloads are created equal–not even the really popular ones.

Downloads from sites likes, can come with spewer, malware and all kinds of viruses–attached to programs you thought were safe to use.

Don’t believe us? Check out this experiment and see what happened when people downloaded some of the most popular freeware that’s out there. The computer didn’t end up so good.

What to do?

Stop downloading everything?!


You get smarter. You think things through a little more carefully.

For starters, don’t download freeware form a third party site like, go directly to the company’s homepage and search out the original freeware offer. You will have, generally, a safer experience, by downloading from the company’s own web site.

But, in addition, a little research is always good. Ask Google: ‘Does APPLICATION X have spyware? Is it safe? What do other users say?”

That’s the best you can do for any freeware.

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