A couple weeks ago our production team member was at a birthday party. All was well, until a gentleman sitting next to her (we’ll call him Bob) wanted to show her this cool design he’d been working. But to access it, Bob had to sign into his iCloud account. Our employee sat patiently while Bob typed in several different passwords into his phone, swearing a couple of times.

“Apple made me change my password,” Bob complained.

Our security expert pointed out that it’s a good idea to change your passwords from time to time. Wouldn’t want anyone to hack into your account, right?

“I use the same password for everything!” Bob continued.

Our security expert was about to explain how that is the WORST IDEA EVER, when Bob said, “My password is ***********. Who is ever gonna guess that? I don’t know why I had to change it!”

Yes, that’s right, he told a stranger his master password –– you know, the one he uses for EVERYTHING.

“But now for my cloud, my password is ***************,” Bob confessed.

Great, so now everyone who’s hearing this conversation knows your password, can find your basic information online and hack into your accounts.

Be smarter than this!

We always say it – never share your password with anyone. It sounds like such basic advice. You might think, “I would never do that!” and this is an extreme example, but it’s also a good reminder. Never talk about passwords with strangers or friends and never type your password into your phone in front of them. Guard your accounts, don’t compromise them.

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