7432526650_b4a424e40aYou know how we always say to be careful about downloading apps and be aware of what changes they make during upgrades? Well, Microsoft has made some pretty terrible updates to their new Outlook app; updates that put YOU and YOUR COMPANY at risk of a security breach. Why? Let’s just break this down.

1. The Outlook app can access your Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive, allowing them access you all the information in those accounts (not cool and NOT safe).

2. Once you download the Outlook app onto your phone or tablet, it does not ask for further authorization when you try to log in on a different device. Meaning, if someone logs in with your credentials on a foreign device, you’re not going to be notified about it. This is really, really BAD.

3. Oh, and if you use this app, Microsoft can store your credentials on the cloud… which you probably didn’t know/authorize.

Bottom line, you do NOT want this app accessing your company servers. This is bad news bears. This is a security nightmare. This is a data breach just waiting to happen. Block the app, even if you love Outlook and use it religiously, it’s not worth; don’t accept this dangerous upgrade.

To read more about the risks involved with the Outlook app, click here.

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