If you’re a Parks and Recreation fan, you’ve probably been watching the current (and final) season. A few weeks ago, an episode aired about a company called Gryzzl, a fictional social media platform that’s basically the equivalent to Facebook.

At the beginning of the episode, Gryzzl starts sending the people of Pawnee gifts via drone.


These gifts are very specific and Leslie and her team start to get suspicious.


It turns out, Gryzzl has been data mining! Leslie is the one who makes the discovery by flat out asking, “Are you guys data mining?”

To which a Gryzzl employee (very professionally) says, “Hellz, yeah, dawg! Our super-rad algorithm searches all your texts, calls, banking, medical records, blah blah blah, to learn what you really want — from snacks to new books and movies!”

Here’s the thing, data mining happens all the time and you make it easier by posting your every inner thought. For instance, Facebook data mines for your political views. In a much broader sense, Facebook mines who you are, what you do, where you go, etc. So every time you check in some where, post a purchase from a company, etc, they can log it. And as of last summer, they can even track the things you post to other websites.

Wondering why you weren’t notified about this?

You were.

You know those emails you get about Facebook making changes to their Privacy Policy every so often? These are the kinds of changes they’re making.



We agree, Ben, we agree.

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