Did anyone catch the latest episode of Modern Family, “Connection Lost”?

The entire episode (shot solely from iPhone 6 cameras) is viewed from Claire’s computer as she Skypes, Facebook stalks and FaceTimes her family. The entire family is on the hunt for Haley, who has been acting strange and is suddenly missing. It turns out, Claire is a pretty good cyber criminal.

First of all, her daughter Haley refuses to accept her friend request on Facebook. So Claire makes a fake Facebook profile. She uses photos of an attractive young man, gives him the same interests as Haley and comes up with a good name for him. Haley accepts the friend request and suddenly, Claire has access to her daughter’s entire social happenings.

Claire: 1 | Haley: 0

But the Facebook pages gives no clues for her daughter’s whereabouts. So Claire, thinking like a hacker, decides to break into Haley’s iCloud. But to do that, she has to guess Haley’s password. First, she tries “password.” That doesn’t work. Good job, Haley. (Side note: never use “password” for your password).

Claire: 1 | Haley: 1

Then she tries the name of Haley’s favorite animal: Snoopy

And we have a winner, Claire is IN!

Claire: 2 | Haley: -1

Once in the iCloud she tracks Haley’s iPhone’s location to Vegas, where she pulls up the exact street view on Google Maps of where Haley’s phone is pinging from and sees that Haley is at a Vegas wedding chapel.

Claire: 3 | Haley: Dog House

We’re not going to tell you how the episode ends, because we’re against spoilers. But the episode is a good reminder to A) Never accept Friend requests from people you haven’t actually met and B) Come up with a really hard to guess password for your iCloud; lock that sucker down.

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