This morning, as I was going through my personal email deleting the mass amounts of spam and garbage newsletters, one email caught my eye. It said it was from Justin, which is the name of my husband and someone who emails me often, and the subject line was rather accusatory.


This kind of freaked me out! What was he so mad about? What had I done? Did I forget to pay the mortgage? Had I accidentally thrown away his leftover pizza?

Just as my heart started beating very quickly, I looked at the date and time. I had come home just about that time the night before, and he had been in a fine mood. If there had been a problem, he would have told me about it then.

This was obviously a fake email. Then I looked at the contents:



Look at the email address it came from. That’s nothing close to any of Justin’s email addresses and also not from any website I’ve ever been to.

Look at the format of the email. Inconsistent capitalization and punctuation. Some hot links, some not hot.

Look at the tone of the message. “Holy cow. I sent you an important link yesterday.” There’s a sense of urgency. “If you don’t, you’ll regret it.” That’s threatening.

All the signs of a phishing email. Delete, delete, delete!

How Do Phishing Emails Know So Much About Me?


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