We know our grandmas love to keep in touch with us by any means necessary.  The internet was a strange new world to them at first, but now that many of them have discovered Facebook, it’s important that we help them understand the unfamiliar and sometimes risky world of social media.

FB Gramma

Grandmas can be easy targets for hackers due to their lack of internet experience and generally trusting nature.

Your grandma may know how to give your profile pic a thumbs up and make a comment about how handsome you are, but make sure she also knows how to change her privacy settings.  She is most likely on Facebook just to keep up with friends and family anyway, so ask her to use the simple security shortcuts in the drop down menu in the top right corner of her Facebook page to ensure they are the only ones who can see her stuff and contact her.  This will help keep those hacking hooligans off of her cyber lawn.

Encourage her not to accept friend requests from random whipper-snappers and to keep her friends list looking like a family reunion roster.

Warn her about phishing scams and how to recognize the baited hooks.  Any “urgent!” messages with obnoxious CAPITAL letters and mispeleengs asking you to download an attachment or click on a link to receive a prize for being the one millionth visitor to a site should make her glasses rattle with suspicion.

The more tech-savvy granny might want to set up specific groups to organize her friends list by clicking “FRIENDS” on the left side of the page.  For example, she can set up a “grandchildren” group to invite just you and the other young’uns over for cookies, or gather her “book club” friends over to discuss the latest novel over a cup of tea.

 She can also fine-tune her newsfeed and filter whose posts she sees in case Aunt Sue starts complaining about her irritable bowl syndrome again by clicking “unfollow” on Sue’s page.  You and your grandmother can both learn more tips by checking out the “Facebook Tips” product/service page.

We love our grandmas and they love us, so let’s make sure they aren’t taken advantage of online!


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