Every organization faces the challenge of building a security awareness program. Where do you start? What messages do you focus on? How do you launch the program? How can you maintain interest in the program?

Here are some great resources to help you get started as you plan your program. We have some ideas for engaging your users and some free resources to make your program awesome.


No Budget

Time to get creative. You’ve got some work to do:

  • Start pulling together infographics, posters and stats (check out our Pinterest boards to get some great resources)

  • Find some useful videos on YouTube and download some free documents you can use to start teaching your employees what they need to know!

  • Follow a bunch of infosec people on Twitter to make sure you’re up to speed on all the latest infosec news.

  • Send out weekly emails to your users with helpful tips and tricks and/or links to blogs that can teach them what they need to know.

  • Follow us on Facebook for news, photos, videos, links and useful advice you can pass on to your users!

  • Use fun memes to get across the message. https://thesecurityawarenesscompany.com/securitycat.html

  • Figure out how you will test your users’ new knowledge. If you’re a small organization, you could do email quizzes sent to the admin or use a free survey service to create quizzes and track the results. If you have an internal LMS already being used by other departments, find out if you can get in on the action and build quizzes using the LMS.

Small Budget

If you have a little bit of a budget, then designing a unique package is a great way to build a foundation for your organization’s information security training program. Use our stuff as a starting point and build what your organization needs.  We recommend signing up for our Monthly Newsletters as a great launching point for small to mid-size companies.


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Decent Sized Budget

If your organization sets aside money for training, you’re in luck! Our bigger Choice and Premium package are a great way to launch your initial security awareness program, adding on some interactive learning modules along the way.

You’ve got to keep your users interested and you should track their progress – so hopefully you have an LMS, or you can use ours. Mix up the training with a combination of videos, courses, interactive modules and games. If you want to check out some of our fun gaming options, contact us for access to our demo area!

Use our handy Intro Guide to SA Programs to help you determine your needs and figure out which materials are best for your employees.

And as always, if you have any questions about starting, improving or revamping your in-house security awareness program, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook!

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