When most people hear the term “information security” or “cyber security”, they usually think of computers, the internet, unprotected Wifi. But infosec and security awareness are about so much more than that. Teens today are super clued into social media. They’ve grown up with user IDs and passwords. And most of them can probably reconfigure the family’s home network. But what do they know about the PHSYICAL side of things? It’s our job, as parents and adults, to teach them. They need to put down that iPhone and look at the world around them every once in a while!


Here are a few physical security tips for you to discuss with your teens so that your family is better protected!

  • Make sure you have a backup of important files (school essays and projects, prom photos, journal entries, etc.)

  • Never – ever – leave technology in a car. If you own it, protect it.

  • Learn organization of paper docs. It’s an old skill well worth honing. Yes, a file cabinet is still of value. It’s more secure if you have a lock on it.

  • Practice neatness around your desk and shared family areas, especially near computers.

  • Use surge protectors. Lightning kills computers.

  • Keep liquids away from technology. Your first spill will be eye opening!

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