Oh boy.  The security experts at G DATA discovered 440,000 new strains of Android malware by analyzing data for the first quarter of 2015. picture_74149

Winn Schwartau says, “It’s just another case of missing the obvious.”

This is a big deal considering the amount of people who buy stuff off of the internet and do their online banking from their smartphone or tablet.  This gives cybercriminals tons of opportunities to drain potential victim’s bank accounts.

Andy Hayter, a security evangelist at G DATA told SCMagazine.com, “Mobile banking has become a very profitable target of opportunity.  With mobile banking applications being new, bad guys are taking advantage, and targeting these apps since the majority of those using them are unaware that you should protect your mobile device from malware.”

G DATA experts contend that at least half of the distributed malware, like banking and SMS Trojans, is financially motivated.

Hayter continued, “Nothing ‘should’ be a surprise in the findings. The bad guys know to attack the platform with the most users, and the fact that Android is an open source with many versions makes it that much more of an easy target.”

Hayter went on to point out one of the major problems: “What I think we are seeing is a segment of the user population that has accepted anti-malware software on their desktop PC, but not seeing the need on their mobile device.”

Researchers noted that all devices that can connect to the internet, smart cars, heating equipment and especially fitness devices, are vulnerable to attack, and that this problem would continue as the Internet of Things (IoT) blossoms. “All of the data collected can be stolen if it is not properly encrypted,” the report said.


Hayter suggested that companies using such devices to evaluate the devices built-in security. “As this is a developing technology field one can expect

many new hacking attempts.” He also added, “…building in security as part of the initial design will pay off in the future.”


Original Article:
More than 440K new Android malware strains found in Q1, study finds

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