So you’ve been tasked with building your own in-house security awareness program? It’s a tough job. You’ve got to figure out how to tell people about the program, teach them the security lessons that are most important to your organization, and stay within a tiny budget.

What’s even tougher is figuring out which lessons to teach, which messages to focus on, what kinds of materials work best for your company. Do you need to use an LMS to track user data? Will your users prefer watching one short video every month, or one long video every quarter? Should you offer incentives for the employees who finish the training?

Every organization is different, and we can’t tell you how to run your security awareness program. But what we can do is offer you some free resources, tips and helpful hints to make the process a lot easier.

Find Inspiration

The internet is full of awesome stuff but sometimes the sheer amount of information out there can be overwhelming. Try following some infosec people and companies on Pinterest to find useful infographics, posters, quotes, blog posts that you can send to your users or use as inspiration for making your own materials!

Avoid Death by Powerpoint

No one likes sitting and watching a powerpoint presentation with 9 bullets per slide and nothing interesting happening. So don’t waste your time creating long, in depth presos that will bore your audience – you want them paying attention, not playing Candy Crush while you drone on about security policies.


If you HAVE to use a powerpoint style presentation, use funny photos to illustrate the points and avoid a lot of text on the screen.  


There are tons of videos available on YouTube that you can use to teach your lesson and get your point across and that will entertain your users into actually learning something! The SAC Video PlaylistMulberryTedShowNational Cyber Security Awareness Month


Fun Posters

Posters can be used in a variety of ways and can be a quick, easy way to  get your messaging across. You can make your own, find some cool ones to mimic on Pinterest or check out our Freebie archive (since we give some away every month).


How can you use posters?

  • Print them as actual posters and frame them around the office
  • Print them on standard 8.5 x 11 papers and hang them inside the doors of bathroom stalls (people have to pay attention then!)
  • Create a screensaver from several posters that your users can load onto their machines
  • Use the poster art as desktop backgrounds
  • Send one out in a weekly email blast as a quick, colorful policy reminders.

Stay tuned for more fun tips and tricks to kickstart your security awareness training program! In the mean time, don’t forget to sign up for access to our FREE archive of resources.

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