We’ve been an active supporter of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month for years, not just because we work in the security industry but because security is our passion. We want to help make the internet a safer place for everyone – kids, parents, friends and family. NCSAM is a great opportunity for us to share our security awareness knowledge with the community, to help everyone get more cyber fit and security aware.

This is why we’ve decided to run two social media raffles this month! The first raffle is running from Oct 1 – 16, and is aimed at cyber savvy users who like free stuff. You can win one of the following:


To enter, follow the instructions below!

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The second raffle will run from Oct 16 – 30th, and will be aimed at all you awesome IT team managers and sys admins who need awareness materials to train your users. The prizes will include a free year-long subscription to Security Awareness News, free training modules for your entire organization, security trivia games, 10 more Security Cat™ t-shirts, and yes… more! We’ve got you covered. 🙂


UPDATE: October 16th

Announcing the Winners of  Security Awareness Swag Raffle #1


Winn Swag Bags

  1. Wendi Wagner
  2. Mike McCabe
  3. Jake Wilson
  4. Chandler Howell

Sticky Password Licenses

  1. Joshua Hitchcock
  2. Ken Vig

Backblaze Licenses

  1. Michelle Amanti
  2. Pawel Smotrys

SpyShelter Licenses

  1. Leland Lyerla
  2. Kris Hunter Anello

EmsiSoft Licenses

  1. Rahul Chib
  2. Lisa Vasa
  3. Sahil Mahajan
  4. Jennifer Vesp
  5. James R. McQuiggan

Security Cat™ T-shirts

  1. Liz Maxwell
  2. Tadeusz Piotrowski
  3. Ben C
  4. Jason Denney
  5. Aaron Sanderson
  6. Martine
  7. Gwen Patanao
  8. Himanshu Boruah
  9. Bill Gardner
  10. Ann Wolf

The winners will be notified by email. The 2nd raffle for #CyberAware month is posted, and you can find that by clicking here. Make sure to enter before Oct. 30th!

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