Yesterday afternoon, we joined some of our infosec colleagues in a #ChatSTC Twitter chat, sponsored by the global campaign STOP. THINK. CONNECT. This was the first of 5 chats that will take place during this year’s NCSAM, and was on the topic of “STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Around the Digital World.” STC described the goal of this chat as follows:

October 1 marks the start of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2015 and five years of STOP. THINK. CONNECT., the global online safety awareness campaign. We’ll kick off NCSAM by sharing key online safety concepts to help everyone be #CyberAware and call on the international community to join the conversation on how we can work together to create a safer, more secure and more trusted internet for everyone.

Panelists (besides ourselves) included CSID, Cyber-Seniors, Data Privacy Day, ESET, Higher Education Information Security Council, Identity Theft Resource Center, IDESG, Internet Keep Safe Coalition, (ISC)^2 Foundation, Shred-It, Sticky Password, U.S. Dept of Homeland Security Cyber, Yaksas CSC, and the National Cyber Security Alliance. You can view the full chat by clicking here, or view the summary of our participation (and favorite tweets) below.
































We realize that “summary” might have been misleading. 🙂 #ChatSTC Twitter chats are always full of high quality advice and information! Again, if you’d like to see the full chat, simply click here.

Feel free to join the conversation next Thursday, Oct. 8th, as we tackle the topic of “How to Create a Culture of Cybersecurity at Any Organization” at 2 CST.



All businesses face cybersecurity challenges, which means that proactively protecting organizational assets, employees and consumers must be a priority for every business. Week 2 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is all about what any business can do to strengthen its cybersecurity posture. This #ChatSTC chat will highlight ways that business leaders can protect their organizations, their employees and consumers’ data and how businesses can prepare for and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Kayley Melton

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