Participating in modern culture brings huge responsibilities. New threats pop up daily, adding exponentially to the millions already created. Although you don’t need to be technical to be protected, there are many things a good cyber citizen still needs to do, like staying up to date on the latest tricks criminals and others are using to harm you and your networks, organization, family, and reputation.

Basically, you need to become a Human Firewall.

Luckily, that job isn’t difficult. It’s all about common sense, making good decisions, and asking for clarification from a trusted source whenever you are in doubt! We invite you to sign a pledge to be a strong, security aware Human Firewall, and to share it with your children, friends, and colleagues.


(Download and print the Human Firewall Pledge from our freebie archive.)

Kayley Melton

Director of Digital Strategy at SAC
Kayley manages our growing footprint on the web and develops marketing strategies to both keep us current & help us reach more people who might benefit from our message. A professionally trained artist and verifiable “weird girl,” she has 5 pet-children, cooks unbelievably good food, and can out-lift you at the gym.