We asked Winn Schwartau, our Founder and CEO, to sum up this past conference season. His response? “Very good.”

We pressed him to elaborate. 🙂

Some people live day to day or week to week. Here at SAC, we tend to live “conference season to conference season” – and the Fall 2015 one is, finally, over! Seems like from July – November we were always on the road, meeting, greeting and spreading the Good Word: Be Aware, My Friend. (OK, 4 words.)

From D.C. to Nashville, Singapore to Atlanta, NY to Chicago… we have put in a ton of miles. We thank the conference managers who have been so accommodating in helping us talk about the importance of comprehensive security awareness! Good friends, good talks. See ya next year!

Here’s a look back at a few of Winn’s photos, articles, and presentations from the last few months.

Winnsday_2015Conferences-1  Winnsday_2015Conferences-2  Winnsday_2015Conferences-3  Winnsday_2015Conferences-4


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Winn Schwartau

President & Founder at SAC
Winn Schwartau is one of the world's top recognized experts on security, privacy, infowar, cyber-terrorism, and related topics. Winn is gifted at making highly technical security subjects understandable and entertaining & has authored more than 12 security books.