The Death Star was designed to be the ultimate weapon; virtually indestructible. Surely, no one would figure out how to blow it up from a tiny little exhaust port. This thermal exhaust port is the perfect example of a Single Point of Failure.

Death Star Exploding


A Single Point of Failure is something that is critical to the system it is a part of, and if it is damaged or manipulated, can cause the entire system to fail. Now, how do we apply this to security? Your company can have the best firewalls, network protections and security systems in place but if you don’t educate your employees, you have a Single Point of Weakness. The weakest link in the security chain are the people.

C3PO Prank


You don’t have to train your staff to be technical experts; you simply have to train them to become Human Firewalls. Train them in the ways of the Force Policy. Teach them that it is okay to ask questions about security and policy if they don’t know or understand something. Better yet, reward them for bringing up potential issues.

Come to the Dark Side...We have cookies.


Your employees won’t know what to do if you don’t tell them. Let them know whom to contact if they see something suspicious. Teach them how to identify and avoid social engineering and phishing scams. And don’t just teach them this one time, reiterate it over and over again. Secure your space station by covering all your ports. Seriously, a grate would have solved that problem.

Dancing Vader


May the Policy be with you.

Erin Osborne

Lead Designer at SAC
A graphic design mastermind with a strong background in print design, Erin never backs down from a project. She is also an avid tabletop gamer, a fledgling dungeon master and, most importantly, a swing and blues dances enthusiast.