It’s that time of year when we’re busy traveling and worrying about upcoming budgets. Our brains are often so overloaded with end-of-the-year To Do Lists and obligations that we may let other things slide – that diet you’ve been working on, or that book you’ve been writing. It may even be tempting to get lax about our security awareness. But if there’s ever a time to be vigilant and aware, it is now!

The holidays are rife with scams, with bad guys trying to rip you off and phish personal details from you. Many people get taken advantage of at the end of the year. But the truth is people can and do get taken advantage of all year long. This is why our awareness must never waver. We must be alert and help keep our friends, families and coworkers cyber safe all year long.

This was a watershed year with the number of data breaches and people affected. These serve as important cyber safety lessons for everyone.

The beginning of the near year is the perfect time to reflect upon the epic fails and major successes of the previous year, so think about 2015 from your own security aware perspective. What were the highlights? Were there moments when you exhibited superior awareness skills? (Deleting those phishing emails? Recognizing a social engineer? Reporting incidents when they happened?) Were there any things you could improve? (Better passwords? A cleaner desk? Finally installing a VPN on your home machine?) What did you learn last year that you can pass on to friends and family? Now is the time to reflect and set goals for an even more secure 2016!

Below we’ve listed 12 suggestions for security awareness resolutions that you, your friends, family and co-workers can make. (And even made a handy-dandy PDF for you to print off and hang in your office as a friendly reminder!)

Security Awareness ResolutionsDownload the PDF Version!

Erin Osborne

Lead Designer at SAC
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