We all lead busy lives. Conference calls. Soccer practice. Grocery shopping. We’re all trying to do way more than we should be able to do in 24-hour period, cramming in so much work and family, friends and personal projects, that all of the separate parts of our lives start to overlap. Dinner with colleagues. Facetiming with Grandma. Working from the home office a couple days a week to spend more time with the family. It often becomes difficult to separate our Work Life from our Personal Life, and now with these tiny computers we carry around in our pockets, we have no separation from our Mobile existence as well.

So we created a triad to help us understand the complexities of our overlapping lives.


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The personal life area is about you and your family. You want to protect your kids from the dangers of the internet, from falling for phishing scams or clicking on malware links. You want to keep your home networks safe from the bad guys and backup all those vacation photos and that novel you’re writing. You want to make sure everyone in your family is conscious of how much information (and which information!) they share online.

The professional life area is all about work and our organization. We want to make sure everyone knows how to report a cyber security incident and that everyone follows company policy and security controls. We want to protect not only our employees’ data but also that of our customers. We want to keep our networks and systems clear of malware and criminal hackers, thereby maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the data we have.

The mobile life area is all about the information kept and shared with your mobile devices, whether they’re laptops, smart phones or tablets. Many of us use mobile devices for personal and professional data and must remember that these devices should be protected like every other computing device. Our lives have become so tied to our mobile devices that if we lose one or the data that is on it, it could be detrimental not only to us personally but to our families, our friends, our colleagues and our companies.

There is so much overlap between these three areas of our life that we can no longer think of one without thinking of the other. We need to backup our personal tax documents as well as our work files and contacts on our phones. We need to store dozens (if not hundreds!) of passwords for logins to our banks, our company work portals, our social media sites. Phishing emails come through not only to our personal accounts but our work and mobile accounts as well.

It’s important to remember that as technology continues to pervade our lives, our awareness must get more pervasive as well.

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