Supernatural is a long running TV series about two brothers that fight supernatural creatures. There is a fan theory that Supernatural has a picture or gif for everything. Let’s test that theory!




Social Engineering:

Social engineering is hacking the human. A criminal uses lies and manipulation to their gain. Sam and Dean Winchester do this ALL the time. This is basically 50% of the show; Sam and Dean pretending to be federal agents or anything really to gain access to areas and information they shouldn’t. Castiel the angel is not so good at this though. Vigilance will help prevent these types of intrusions.





Fake IDs and Badges:

Sam and Dean have a melange of fake IDs. I mean they would have to if they are going to always be posing as agents or teachers or the press. Fake IDs and badges are surprisingly easy to create in the Supernatural universe and relatively easy in the real world also. You should always know and follow company badge policy.





Pretexting is a type of social engineering where the criminal devises a fake identity and situation to gain information or access. With their shiny new press badges, Sam and Becky are ready to go pretext the newly promoted CEO. Becky sure knows what’s up.



Insider Threat:

What do you do when you successfully crack a super-protected drive? Celebrate by fist bumping your Hermione bobbly head. Charlie here works for Richard Romans Enterprises. She helps the boys by breaking into her boss’ office and hacking his computer. Also, she destroys info that her boss wanted her to retrieve from that hard drive she just cracked.




Keep A Clean Desk:

You should always strive to keep a clean desk or workstation. Never leave sensitive or confidential documents lying around, because someone might come along and steal them. Just like Bobby is doing in the gif below.




Human Firewalls:

So how do you stay vigilant and protect yourself from these kinds of intrusions? You must strive to be a human firewall! A human firewall is an employee that always follows company policy, reports any suspicion activity, and stays up-to-date on all security practices. You don’t need to be tech savvy to be a human firewall either; all you have to do is use common sense. Dean here is a little enthusiastic…(please, no flame throwers).





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