Learners forget 79% of new information within days, so regular reinforcements can improve retention and lead to faster behavior change. Videos are the perfect reinforcement format because we are accustomed to ingesting information visually. The average attention span is not more than 90 seconds, and the most successful YouTube videos are all under 4 minutes long. Video is the perfect delivery format because you can chunk information into small, digestible ‘bytes’ and easily deliver new content regularly. The ideal spacing is two weeks. You don’t want to do more often than every weeks, or you’ll bog down your users, but you can’t wait longer than two weeks or the information will be easily forgotten.

Millennials prefer video over other methods of information delivery. When they want to learn something, they visit YouTube, which makes it easy to find relevant videos and quickly access the information they seek. Make sure the videos are easy access and engaging because the actual act of learning new information is requires a lot of brain power; you don’t want to make accessing the learning material hard and use up some of the available brain bandwidth.

Quality matters: you do not want the quality to be a distraction from the learning. Invest the time and resources to create (or curate!) high quality, modern videos. If your budget doesn’t allow for you to purchase pre-made videos, maybe it will allow you to hire a freelance videographer to create an inexpensive yet fun series of awareness videos. Also remember, YouTube is rife with free videos — get the intern to put together a playlist of the best security awareness videos.

Ashley Schwartau

Director of Production & Creative Development at SAC
After more than 15 years of working in this industry, she’s finally accepted – and embraced! – the fact that she’s a security awareness expert. She is also a book-loving, travel-blogging, French-speaking Gryffindor who is unapologetically obsessed with her cats.