The Security Awareness Company is pleased-as-punch to announce that Bob Todrank has joined our team as the company’s Director of Operations!

Bob brings almost four decades of production and management experience to SAC in order to help with our explosive growth. As the founder of Valley Audio in the 1970s, Bob oversaw the design and implementation of the most complex audio/video facilities in the world, working with such mega-stars as Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, the Oak Ridge Boys, Larry Gatlin, Olivia Newton John, Ronnie Milsap, and hundreds more.

Our COO, Sherra Schwartau, had worked for Bob as his Office Manager in the late 70s after he wooed her away from Harrison Audio (preeminent audio and film console manufacturer). After many years and several different jobs intersecting all of our career paths, Bob wound up in Nashville working for that same company, Harrison, and with a bit of historical irony Bob says, “I stole Sherra from Harrison Systems and now, she stole me back!”

When it comes to coordinating large global projects, SAC could find no one better than Bob. “Think about it,” Todrank says.

“We used to build complete audio, video and TV systems and facilities from scratch with a million or more connections, and every one had to be documented, tested and verified. SAC has hundreds of clients, nearly 400 products, and is growing insanely fast. This is what I live to do! Keep things running smoothly for everyone, from our fantastic creative team to our clients and partners around the globe.”

Winn Schwartau, SAC’s founder and CEO said, “You just cannot find that kind of talent and experience everywhere. Bob and I both built studios, consoles and managed live concerts and TV shows. We speak the same language. We know how much detail is involved, and that there is no second chance. It’s live and there is no re-do. The Show Must Go On.”

And so it does with our 300% growth rate! We have blossomed into a multimedia content development and creative store for enterprises around the world, with almost 6 million participants in our awareness programs. We’re the industry’s largest and most comprehensive content provider, with a massive product inventory to fit every security awareness need and budget. Adding Bob to the talented and dedicated team that makes our company possible is a no-brainer and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

The Security Awareness Company

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