Security Cat has nine lives. YOU DON’T. Once your data or personal information has been compromised, both your cyber life and your real life can be turned upside down. Follow Security Cat’s advice and protect yourself from the many cyber threats we all face every single day.

Going on vacation? Sounds great! Posting pictures about it on social media while you’re away? Not so great. Just like posting pictures of your new driver’s license or information about where you live isn’t so great.

In fact, we can even if take this a step further and remind ourselves that talking loudly in a public setting about work-related information isn’t a great idea. Eavesdroppers, like shoulder-surfers, welcome the opportunity to garner sensitive information. It’s on all of us to keep things quiet and not expose too much information both personally and professionally.

The month of September is internationally recognized as Happy Cat Month! To celebrate, we’re giving away nine free Security Cat posters in a series dubbed “The Nine Lives of Security Cat”.  Each one will cover information security basics to remind us that we only have one cyber life. Be sure to catch all nine! 


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Security Cat™

Security Cat™ knows everything about cybersecurity! He likes to fight cyber crime, catch phish, subdue trigger-happy mice, and help humans be safer online. He boosts SAC's company morale and helps out with social media (or at least sits on our keyboards).