Security Cat has nine lives. YOU DON’T. Once your data or personal information has been compromised, both your cyber life and your real life can be turned upside down. Follow Security Cat’s advice and protect yourself from the many cyber threats we all face every single day.

Believe or not, not every criminal interested in our personal information is a network guru blasting out phishing emails. There are easier ways to get a hold of sensitive company data. Dumpster diving, for example, is a nontechnical method of stealing information. Companies that don’t shred important documents open themselves up to the risk of a data breach. And as an added layer of protection, it’s a good idea to keep exterior waste bins locked if at all possible.

Beyond just shredding documents, proper computer disposal is a security must. Be sure hard drives are completely wiped and destroyed so a dumpster diver can’t recover anything. This applies to computers, tablets and smartphones alike.

The month of September is internationally recognized as Happy Cat Month! To celebrate, we’re giving away nine free Security Cat posters in a series dubbed “The Nine Lives of Security Cat”.  Each one will cover information security basics to remind us that we only have one cyber life. Be sure to catch all nine! 

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Security Cat™

Security Cat™ knows everything about cybersecurity! He likes to fight cyber crime, catch phish, subdue trigger-happy mice, and help humans be safer online. He boosts SAC's company morale and helps out with social media (or at least sits on our keyboards).