Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

We here at SAC are excited to celebrate 2016’s NCSAM. As a part of that celebration, we’re giving away all kinds of great material and look forward to joining an important conversation about information security.

But in addition to our giveaways, we want to share with you why we are excited about NCSAM, and what cyber security means to us as people.

In truth, cyber security is full-time job. Not just for our company, but for us as individuals, for you, your friends, your family… for everyone. So even if October gets all the love, security awareness deserves our year-round attention.

With that in mind, our staff has been working tirelessly to provide the world a ton of free content, including posters, videos, games, activity books and a few fun surprises, which we’ll be releasing throughout the month of October. If you’re familiar with our work, then you already know that giving away content has sort of been our modus operandi. We often joke that we give away more stuff than most companies even offer. And if you’ve checked out our “Who We Are” page on our (awesome) website, then you also know that we are not exactly a large company. So you might wonder, how are we able to produce so much free stuff, in addition to the never-ending list of stuff we are hired to create?

The short and simple answer is passion.


This is not a 9-to-5, get the work done, collect a paycheck and enjoy the weekend job. Every one of our staff members is truly passionate about educating people on all matters of cyber security. We believe in the materials we provide, regardless if they’re freebies or custom client projects. We want the world to be a safer place and to protect everyone from the unrelenting cyber threats that get more and more sophisticated every day. Because if we’re not passionate about cyber security, why would you be?

Frankly, we love our jobs. And NCSAM is special to us because it’s massive effort by a community that shares our passion. The net result is a smarter public armed with enough information to stop cybercrime dead in its tracks. The battle will never end, of course. But if we can reach a few people every day and get them to think before they click, then we’ve done our jobs and someone’s world will be a better place. That’s what SAC is all about.

So go forth! Ingest and enjoy the content. Be one with cyber security awareness and keep those passwords up to date. Just remember that even though October is our favorite month of the year, cyber criminals don’t care about calendars.

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