We are told to update everything from our computer’s software to apps on our tablets. It seems every few months a new version of our phones or laptops comes out. This constant cycle of updating our technology over and over again can be discouraging and have us asking ourselves: To Update or Not to Update.

Why Not Update?

It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, it’s something new. Updating seems daunting for some people, and unnecessary for others. Take author George R.R. Martin for example, he uses a computer so old most people have never heard of it:

But we aren’t all fantasy fiction authors, so what are some excuses for the everyday technology user to not update their technology?

  1. Your current system may not be compatible with an update. Say your favorite video games gets a graphic update – sounds awesome. But what happens if your computer can’t keep up? The game’s graphics definitely won’t run well and you can expect your computer to have a difficult time processing.
  2. New technology can be dangerous and inconvenient. Unless you never fly on airplanes or never listen to anything with headphones Samsung and Apple both released controversial new phones this past year that may not be worth the upgrade.
  3. You’re waiting for something even better! Fair enough, why install one update to your computer when one week later you’ll need to install another?

Why Update?

Rarely will you be forced to update, but there is risk in falling behind. You don’t want your business to be the last on the block without the quickest, most responsive software. Just like you wouldn’t send your kids to school with pen and paper when all the other children around them have laptops and are typing 40 words per minute. While there will always be a reason not to update, we believe these pros of updating outweigh the cons:

  1. Be safer. To us, this is the most important. Many updates come with safety patches and bug fixes. If you choose not to update your computer’s software you run the risk of being attacked by malware that new updates can fight off.
  2. Save space. Remember fax machines? Me neither. But where that big, plastic machine once stood is a tall, leafy plant or a new desk for a new employee.
  3. Save time and money. In business time is money. If your employees are spending less time waiting on a slow, outdated browser, you are saving money!
  4. Save energy and more money. Old technology can’t compete with the greenness of new technology that has gone through energy efficiency testing. You can knock dollars off your energy bill by buying a new fridge, computer, or TV. It may seem like more money up front, but in the long run updating can help you save.
  5. Keep up with the Joneses. Maybe you’re not someone who is on top of every trend, but if you’re running a business you want to be on par with your competitors. Keeping your technology updated will assure that you and your employees are ahead in your sector.

Maybe you’re a skeptic when it comes to updates or maybe you have a habit of procrastinating updates and that’s why you use outdated hardware and software. Whichever it is, we believe you are much more likely to benefit from taking a few minutes to install an update or run to the store to buy a new computer than not. (Or even order something online for more convenience!) Our final advice: update.

Meg Krafft

Digital Marketing Assistant at The Security Awareness Company
After starting out creating digital and print marketing for a real estate company, Meg now assists in keeping up the marketing needs for SAC. When not working she's probably watching a good movie or indulging in local art and music.

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