“If you send me a little bit of money now, I’ll send you a lot of money later.”

None of us would ever fall for such an old trick, right? The advanced-fee scam, known otherwise as the Nigerian Prince scam, has been around forever. Its resilience has survived changeover in generations of technology and continues to flood inboxes of hundreds of thousands of people each year. In fact, according to a study from a few years ago, there are nearly 800,000 organized perpetrators globally.

Which is why our friends at whoishostingthis.com put together an excellent infographic that details the history of the scam, how the scam works, the costs of falling victim, and highlights a few real-life stories. There’s a ton of great information here to digest, so take your time, read through it, and get to know just how organized these scammers are.

And most importantly, be sure to share with your friends, families, and coworkers! Knowledge is power and raising awareness is the best way to fight back against cybercrime. Keep in mind that just because you might never fall for it, someone, maybe even someone you know, will.

Without further ado, everything you need to know about the internet’s oldest scam (download link):

How to Avoid the Oldest Internet Scam via WhoIsHostingThis.com

Source: WhoIsHostingThis.com

Justin Bonnema

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