We love, love, love participating in ChatSTCs! These Twitter chats, hosted by STOP.THINK.CONNECT, allow us to share our best cyber security tips and we get to connect with fellow infosec organizations. (Plus seeing the hilarious gifs everyone uses really makes your day!) Yesterday’s chat was called Refresh Your Online Life With a Digital Spring Cleaning; you can easily read through the Tweet stream on STOP.THINK.CONNECT’s post summarizing the chat. If you’ve been following our blog you already know we love the idea of not just cleaning your home during spring, but also cleaning your computer and other devices!

But Spring Cleaning your Digital Life isn’t just about one big clean. You’re not going to let you house just gather dust until next spring! Stay safe and organized throughout the year. This way, next spring, refreshing your computers and phones will be even easier. Below are just a few of out favorite tweets about how to keep your devices clean all year round!

Be sure to join us and STOP.THINK.CONNECT in May for even more Twitter chats.

Meg Krafft

Digital Marketing Assistant at The Security Awareness Company
After starting out creating digital and print marketing for a real estate company, Meg now assists in keeping up the marketing needs for SAC. When not working she's probably watching a good movie or indulging in local art and music.

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