Today is a very special day… It’s Security Cat™ Day!


This day is in honor of our very own Chief Security Cat, Cheeto Shwartau (pictured above), who turns 11 today. He is an integral member of our team here at The Security Awareness Company. Without him, who would lay on our keyboards or help us catch phish? 🙂

If you have a special Security Cat™ in your life, be sure to give him a treat and extra pets today. To celebrate, we are releasing four new Security Cat™ online safety posters for you to share with friends, family, and around the office!





Each of the posters above has a corresponding Security Cat™ video, which can also be downloaded for free from our security awareness freebies. Watch them in the playlist below to learn how to take on cyber crime, use social media responsibly, protect your family online, and become a human firewall. Security Cat™ knows everything about security!


If you love Security Cat™ as much as we do, there is plenty of other free Security Cat™ & Friends content for you to download and share with your family, friends, and office! You might enjoy perusing Security Cat™’s archive of blog posts on online safety. You can also visit our Free Security Awareness Content site to find other great eLearning modules, games, and more up for grabs.

Security Cat™

Security Cat™ knows everything about cybersecurity! He likes to fight cyber crime, catch phish, subdue trigger-happy mice, and help humans be safer online. He boosts SAC's company morale and helps out with social media (or at least sits on our keyboards).