Lots of privacy conscious individuals use a VPN at home. But have you considered how useful a VPN could be in the workplace?

A VPN provides a secure connection from your computer to the sites you visit on the web. Rather than being associated with just one IP address, a VPN allows you to connect to a variety of IP addresses, meaning that your internet browsing isn’t restricted by the country you find yourself in and doesn’t open your data up to the prying eyes of others.

There are lots of ways a VPN can be of benefit to your business, particularly if you operate internationally.

A VPN for your business would allow you to do all of the following:


1. Improve Online Security

A standard internet connection is much less resistant to hacking than a VPN. A VPN provides a bank-standard level of encryption meaning that messages passed between you and your colleagues or data stored on your systems is made more secure. This encrypted connection is also really useful if you regularly connect to the internet and conduct work tasks while travelling. Public Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable and open you up to data theft and viruses. A VPN avoids these risks by providing a secure, encrypted connection, allowing you to work and use the internet safely wherever you are.


2. Manage your International SEO and Ad Campaigns

The internet looks different depending on which country you’re accessing it from. If you are trying to appeal to an international market, you need to know that your website ranks well in searches in all of the countries you sell to. A VPN can connect you to a variety of international servers meaning you can browse the internet as if you were based in that particular country. Doing this allows you to monitor keyword performance and the way in which your online adverts appear for all of your target markets.


3. Develop International Versions of your Website

Following on from the last point, if you are selling your wares or services internationally, you probably want to adapt your website for each individual audience. You may want to use native language, currency and different images for different countries in order to connect more readily with each audience and improve conversion rate. Using a VPN allows you to easily check up on the way in which your website functions for each audience and make appropriate changes.


4. Bypass IP Banning

If your business likes to use guerrilla marketing techniques by posting on social media platforms and forums, you may come up against systems which block repeated posts from the same IP address. A VPN fools the websites you want to use into thinking you’re posting from a variety of different IP addresses, thus bypassing the post ban.


5. Bypass Online Price Discrimination

If you’re looking for new software, a rental car or business flights online, you may unwittingly be a victim of price discrimination. This is the process by which some companies charge different prices based upon a customer’s location. Because a VPN tricks these websites into thinking you are based in another country, you can use it to find the cheaper prices and the best rates, saving your business a whole heap of money in the process.


Using a business VPN can save your company money and make your data a lot more secure. Creating web and advertising content for international audiences is also made much easier. There are VPN services for all sizes of company so, if you decide a VPN is for you, there are lots of options to choose from.


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