We always strive to deliver the best Security Awareness Training to our clients, and we need your opinions to help us create our 2020 development roadmaps! What separates The Security Awareness Company from other security awareness content providers is our dynamic, and often humorous, content. (Not to mention the extraordinary amount of content we give away for free!)

We build our inventory off of many different types of learning cultures and want to accommodate your corporate culture. In order to do so, we need your feedback!

So, just exactly what do we need from you?

We only need a few minutes of your time to fill out a simple questionnaire! These three surveys are all unique. Take a look to see which ones you qualify to fill out! If you’ve ever taken awareness training or been part of a security awareness campaign, we guarantee we have a survey for you and want to hear your opinion!.


Managing Security Awareness Programs

We want to know how you feel about managing the SAP within your organization. What challenges do you face at work? What resources do you wish you had? What kind of learning culture exists within your company? If you’ve ever run the security training for your employees/co-workers, tell us about your struggles and triumphs in this survey. It’s important to us that you can successfully and smoothly manage your Security Awareness Program. Your answers will help us create content, that in turn helps you during the process of managing an SAP.

Take Managing Security Awareness Programs Survey Here


Security Awareness Content Questionnaire

From this questionnaire we want to know how you feel about security awareness content & training materials. If you have managed and administered an SAP within your organization, please share with us what kind of content you are looking for. What types of content work best within your organization? What resources do you wish you had? What new topics would be most useful to you? What materials do you currently use in your Security Awareness Program? We want to bring you the type of content that is helpful to you and those you are in charge of training!

Take Security Awareness Content Questionnaire Here


Security Awareness Program Content Questionnaire: End-Users

Finally, we want to know how you, as a trainee, feel about corporate training and educational materials. How do you prefer to learn new material at work? What resources do you wish you had while working? What kinds of educational materials would be useful to you on the job? What are your experiences with elearning in a professional environment? Only YOU can tell us how you prefer to ingest new information. If you’ve ever participated in corporate training at work, share your experience with us here.

Take the Security Awareness Program Content Questionnaire: End-Users Here


Thank you in advance for your time and participation!

The Security Awareness Company

With over 25 years of industry experience, we serve both small & large organizations to create successful security awareness and compliance programs on an international scale. Our team is a strong, creative powerhouse with a passionate vision and we consistently produce on-trend end-user training materials of the highest caliber.