Everyone is entitled to their privacy online, but it has become more of a fantasy now that the internet is filled with cyber-threats. As if that is not enough, the implementation of the latest anti-privacy law has come to show how internet users will need to take things into their own hands to ensure online security and anonymity at all times.

What is really interesting is that even though everyone is able to enjoy their privacy on a day-to-day basis, the same cannot be said about their virtual lives.

There are plenty of reasons why anyone would want to remain anonymous, ranging from personal reasons to precautionary measures. But the point here is not debate about the moral or ethical issues that plague internet anonymity, but to instead give you valuable insight regarding some of the top paid services that will help you in your endeavor of attaining online anonymity. To learn more about said services, read on.


1. Ivacy – VPN

Ivacy is by far one of the best USA VPNs out there. The Virtual Private Network provider makes it possible for users to switch between different servers across the globe, giving them unparalleled access to any and all content online. At the same time, connecting to any of these servers provides security by masking your IP address with a temporary one, thus keeping you away from prying eyes of hackers and monitoring agencies alike.

On the other hand, the service provider offers countless other features, which include and are not limited to: internet kill switch, numerous protocols, smart DNS protection and 256-bit military grade encryption.

As for the price, the service costs a mere $2.04/month for 2 years, $5.75/month for 6 months and $6.75/month without a plan.


2. Abine Blur – Privacy Utility

What is truly remarkable about Abine Blur is that it is an all-in-one mobile as well as desktop privacy tool.

The tool boasts plentiful features – such as the ad-blocker – to keep things interesting. Other features include: two factor authentication, backup and sync, masked email addresses, password manager and masked phone.

Even though the all-in-one privacy tool is available for free, it does not have much to offer and is quite restricted. For this reason entirely, it is wise to opt for the premium version instead, which will cost you no more than $39 a year.


3. Silent Phone – Mobile Privacy Utility

If you have heard of the Blackphone, which offers security for hardware and software communications, you may have been tempted to give the smartphone a go. However, you no longer need to switch to a new device to make this possible due to Silent Phone.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices, offering a secure messaging platform unlike anything you have seen before. The app features self-destructing messages, encrypted video and voice calls and secure file transfers.

Once installed, the owner of the device will have a dedicated encryption key owned by you alone, which by the way is not accessible by the creators of the app either. Even though you may be using Silent Circle’s networks, they really have no access to any of your data, which will come as a sigh of relief for those that simply do not want to take that chance.

If you are wondering about the dough you will have to dish out, it costs $9.95/month, which quite frankly is not much considering your mobile device will remain secure at all times.


4. Eset Nod32 – Antivirus

Nod32 Antivirus protects devices – including desktops and mobile – against viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and worms. Apart from the expected features, the antivirus comes with integrated email protection, meaning it will scan messages for malware and viruses beforehand. The very same protection applies to USB drives, which are scanned almost immediately after being detected.

What truly sets Nod32 apart from the rest of the crowd is that it scans in real time, stopping cyber-threats right in their tracks and preventing them from causing damage.

When it comes to subscribing to the standalone antivirus product, it can cost you $29.99. However, the price can vary depending upon the subscription selected.

5. Alarm.com – Home Security App

Alarm is trusted by millions, which should explain why it comes highly recommended for those in need of an effective home security app that covers “all” devices.

The app allows users to control their home or business, regardless of where they are located and/or headed. Once set in place, the app makes it incredibly easy for users to manage their smart homes via a seamless and user friendly interface.

With the app, you will have to pay a subscription of $40 to $60 every month. This is of course valid if you have your smart home security installed by Alarm.com, with the upfront fee ranging from anywhere in between $100 to $200. Those individuals that want the complete works for their home, with products like thermostat, smart locks and lights, will need to pay more.


So there you have it, an elaborate (sarcasm, obviously) list of the top paid anonymity guaranteeing services that will ensure you will never again have to worry about being compromised online.

But then again, it would be wise to give equal importance to practicing good security habits like creating strong passwords to further aid your cause; it is just that simple!


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