Clearly, privacy and security work together and are often interchanged in casual conversation. But there is a difference and it’s important to understand that difference.

Privacy refers to the appropriate use of data that is collected, stored, and transmitted.  “Appropriate” being the operative word. When a doctor or organization collects our sensitive data, it is their duty to ensure that the data is only used for its intended purposes. They are not, for example, going to send it to an unauthorized party or post it on Facebook.

Security refers to our efforts as human firewalls to ensure that data is not accessed by unauthorized parties such as social engineers and cybercriminals. Security means not clicking on random links and attachments, making sure that workstations are organized and password-protected, and verifying that access-controlled areas remain locked.

Think of it this way: privacy is often mandated by compliance regulations and organizational policies, while security is a measure of defensive solutions, both human and technical. And while the two are completely different, they work together to achieve one common goal: ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information at all times, at every level, no matter what.

Now that you know the difference, watch this short video to see why it matters to you in both your professional and personal lives!

Justin Bonnema

Lead Writer at SAC
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