On January 28th America, Canada, and India celebrate Data Privacy Day and Europe celebrates Data Protection Day. Championed by StaySafeOnline in the US, Data Privacy Day is a global effort that allows all of us to come together and encourage businesses who collect data to respect individuals’ privacy. There are still millions of people out there who are not aware of the ways in which their data may be used and/or sold for profit. Data Privacy Day is here to help correct that gap in knowledge!

Data Privacy Day Champions spread data privacy awareness at home, at work, and in their communities. You too can take action by becoming involved on social media, attending an event in your city, and encouraging your friends and family to keep their information safe.

Our Favorite Resources

There is a myriad of resources available from StaySafeOnline that are perfect to share on Data Privacy Day! Check out all of the infographics, fact sheets, videos, and more here. We have gone through these resources and listed some of the most informative and useful ones for you:

Data Privacy Day Champion Backgrounder
Are You Doing Enough to Protect Consumers’ Data? Infographic
Learn to Detect a Breach – CyberSecure My Business™ Webinar
5 Ways to Help Employees Be Privacy Aware Tip Sheet
Protecting America’s Assets: Your Daily Connection to Critical Infrastructure Infographic

#ChatSTC Twitter Chats

To promote Data Privacy Chat STOP.THINK.CONNECT. hosts Twitter chats throughout January. Catch up on any you missed here:

January 10th #ChatSTC Twitter Chat: Privacy Matters – Why You Should Care and What You Can Do
January 17th #ChatSTC Twitter Chat: Privacy in a Growing Internet of Me
January 24th #ChatSTC Twitter Chat: Fostering a Culture of Privacy Awareness at Work

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