In celebration of Data Privacy Day 2018, our friends over at created an excellent infographic that neatly visualizes “Your Privacy in a Growing Internet of Me”. You can download it here or from the source below.

The Internet of Me is your personally connected world of apps and devices that make life more convenient. And it’s a huge world. By the year 2020, the number of connected devices per person is expected to be over 6.5, or about 50 billion in total.

If that number seems high, look around your home and make a list of the smart devices you own. You most likely have a smartphone and a laptop. Maybe a fitness tracker and a digital assistant. What about gaming systems or smart appliances? The list can grow quickly, especially with smart assistants opening the door to other smart products like lights and thermostats.

Regardless of how many devices you use every day, the important thing is how you protect them. Or rather, protect your data. The unfortunate side effect of living in a connected world is the amount of data we generate and share. The apps and devices we use have unprecedented access to our personally identifiable information (PII). From your viewing habits to your shopping habits, it’s all being collected and stored by someone who isn’t you.

Now imagine what would happen if that data was lost or stolen. What could a criminal do with an e-bill from your electric company or your location history from your GPS? Understanding the Internet of Me is a crucial step in personal security! That’s why we encourage you to download the infographic below and share it with your friends and family.


(click here to download)

Justin Bonnema

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